Creative spark Project Treatment

Group members.

Aidan McCourt, Matthew Macklin, Robin O’Leary.

The concept for our project is to create a digital tree that grows based on the creative ideas of the community. Upon completion of the project we will present the Creative Spark with a small physical tree/plant so that they can watch the ‘artefact’ grow just as the Centre’s creativity develops.

We will use the presentation of the physical tree as a PR opportunity. This may be achieved by photographing the presentation, writing up a press release on the project and circulating it through the local media in the hope it will be published by at least one company.

A database of the community’s ideas will be built up and gathered through the distribution of cards throughout the general area of Muirhevnamor. The cards, business sized, will simply display the message, “Add your #creativespark” (the hash-tag may be changed if it already exists). The card will also have the Creative Spark logo and twitter icon. When people enter the hash-tag into the twitter search engine more information will be displayed, possibly by the official Creative Spark account, @CreativeSparkie. These tweets will inform the community that the creative spark would like to hear their ideas for future projects/ what they’d like to see in the Creative Spark. Any tweets will have a link to the Creative Spark website.

When the database of information has been gathered we will take it all into account and design the animation of the tree based on it. The animation will start with our own ideas on creativity and may include some buzz words that we associate with being creative. The animation will be designed in flash. For this project, we suggest having the Creative Tree on a single page website but we will consult the Creative Spark administrators on this. We will monitor the Twitter database ourselves and alter the design of the animation for this project given the short term timeframe of 4 weeks.

However, if the idea proves to be successful we may develop it into an app that will go on the official Creative Spark website. This model would be easier to manage, however, given the 4 week deadline. It is far more important to spend the majority our time researching as opposed to programming.

Our research will be based on the distribution of our cards. We need to find the key community hubs of Muirhevnamor and place our cards there. These areas may consist of community centres, pubs, shops, local businesses. We also need to decide whether to specifically target the Muirhevnamor community or the Dundalk community as a whole. Perhaps the Creative Spark are already working on projects with the local community. This is something we need to find out so we could perhaps distribute cards to these areas as well. Based on initial numerical research we will decide the amount of cards to distribute. Maybe there is even a tree or plant that is synonyms with the area in general. Our first step is to go to the Creative Spark and meet with officials to get a clearer picture on some of our aims, objectives and research.

We hope that this project, through our own original idea, showcases the Creative Industries at Dundalk IT.


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