Progress So Far

We’ve been busy as individuals and as a group over the last few weeks bringing our initial ideas to life and keeping in contact with Sarah and Sophie from the Creative Spark.

I’ve been concentrating on creating an animation of a tree growing  and incorporating it with the Creative Spark logo. I used CINEMA 4D with the Xfrog plug-in to create the animation, which can be found at my Vimeo account (see link below). I’ve also set up a Vimeo account for the Creative Spark and a link to the video should appear on the Creative Spark Facebook page in the coming days.

Growing Tree Animation

We’ve also bought a Ginkgo Biloba tree and plan to plant this at a Creative Spark/DKIT open event organised by one of the other project groups. This event will take place next Monday, 22 October, and we hope to get some publicity in the local newspapers by photographing the treep-planting and issuing a press release.

We’ve also produced business cards to be distributed to local businesses and points of contact for the local community asking people to add their ‘Creative Spark’ by coming up with suggestions for what they’d like to see happening at the Creative Spark or just how they view creativity. Hopefully we can generate some publicity and local interest around our project.

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