Presentations of Our News Reports

For our final continuous assessment assignment we were split up into groups and were required to produce a news report that was constructed so that it conveyed our own preferred meaning on an issue that is relevant within contemporary Irish society. Our group, consisting of  Niamh McHugh, Aoife Heffron and myself, chose as our topic of interest the issue of increased female motor insurance premiums as a result of a European Court of Human Rights judgement on gender equality. We adopted a preferred meaning that many women believe they have achieved equality with men and are questioning the need for more and more equality legislation which is starting to impact negatively upon them.

Overall I was very pleased with our news report and felt it was well received, as was the work of the various other groups who presented. Apart from a few small technical issues with the production, I felt we had successfully incorporated quite an amount of the theory we had encountered in our module throughout the semester. I was particularly satisfied with the way we were able to incorporate semiotics into our analysis as we decided how to incorporate our preferred meaning into the production. I had been somewhat sceptical of the value of semiotics up until this semester but, in trying to create a news report in which we essentially worked backwards from the way we semiotically analysed a print advertisement in class, I feel we successfully constructed a syntagm and two contrasting paradigms that served our purpose of promoting our preferred meaning. Our two interviewees as representatives for those paradigms successfully portrayed a far greater cross-section of women as we wanted them to be perceived, although our second interviewee came across, I feel, as an isolated figure, which is what we had intended.

Of the other presentations, I feel the production quality of the news report on Giovanni Trappatoni stood out, as did the use of music in the production by PNR (Paula, Niamh, Richie). Overall the quality of the productions was very high and the above two I have mentioned just happen to come to mind.

Here is a link to our blog with a video of our news broadcast just a couple of posts from the top:

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